Amos Scientific Pty Ltd

Amos Scientific Pty Ltd

TEC 2800-T Thermal Console

The TEC 2800-T Thermal Console suits processed tissue specimens in any type of cassette,and embedding mold . 
The capacity of paraffin tank is 2.5 Liters .

  • •It can hold any type of cassette , embedding mold and processed tissue specimen .
    •Large capacity :2.5L (252 cassettes )
    •The temperature could be set from ambient to 75℃ .
    •It also can be used as a water bath near microtome .

  • •Supply voltage:  220V±10%, 50hz /110V±10%, 60hz                    
    •Nominal power :  335W                     
    •Working temperature: from ambient to 75 ℃ , increments 1℃
    •Capacity: 2.5 L  ( 252 cassettes)                 
    •Weight: : about 7.5kgs  

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