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AEM 460 Semi-automatic Rotary Microtome

AEM460 is a semi-automated rotary microtome, this robust instrument be used for cutting harder materials.
The unique user-friendly display panel and most comfortable separated handpad perfectly suitabled for those who expect precision section and appreciate the feel .
Two forward/backward speed can be selected .
The specimen retraction can be switched On/Off by user and the specimen retraction is also adjustable. The advanced feed function allows user quickly move to a memoried cutting position , this perfect function is designed for cutting a large number standard cassettes .

  • •Display monitors a range of functions including section thickness, trimming, section counter .
    •Separated control panel is easy to operate .
    •Spacious magnetized section waste tray .
    •Light balance handwheel with ergonomic concept design .
    •Specimen Clamp with adjustable function could easily parallel the block and knife on X-Y orientation .
    •Retraction function effectively avoid the specimen against the blade when it's truing around .
    •Universal specimen holder fits international standard cassette.
    •Handwheel locking may be activated at any position to protect specimen and improve safety standard .
    •Automatic specimen feed memory function improves the trimming speed and quality

  • ⊙ Section thickness: 0 to 600µm
                                    0 to 2µm,0.5µm increments
                                    2 to 10µm,1µm increment
                                    10 to 20µm,2µm increments
                                    20 to 100µm,5µm increments
                                    100 to 600µm,50µm increments
    ⊙ Trimming thickness: 0 to 600µm
                                      0 to 2µm,0.5µm increments
                                      2 to 10µm,1µm increment
                                     10 to 20µm,2µm increments
                                     20 to 100µm,5µm increments
                                     100 to 600µm,50µm increments
    ⊙ Retraction thickness: 5-100µm. 5µm increments (can deactivate)
    ⊙ Specimen horizontal feed:28mm
    ⊙ Specimen vertical feed:70mm
    ⊙ Maximum specimen :40x50x30mm, or standard cassette
    ⊙ Specimen holder adjusted system: Horizontal orientation: ±8°
                                                         Vertical orientation: ±8°
    ⊙ Repositioning of knife holder base(Left-right):50mm
    ⊙ Electric Coarse Feed Speed: 300µm/s (Slow) and 900µm/s (Quick)
    ⊙Dimension: Length:575mm,
                        Width: 405mm , (without handwheel,310mm)
                        Height:325mm ,
    ⊙ Weight: about 35kgs

    ⊙ Power supply:100-240 V AC±10 %
    ⊙ Frequency:50/60 Hz
    ⊙ Power: <60 VA
    ⊙ Fuse: 2A

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