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AEM 480 Fully-automatic Rotary Microtome


AEM480 is a fully-automated rotary microtome, designed with smooth running handwheel and the stepping-motor advance technology for precision and stability to provide superior section result .

The unique user-friendly display panel and most comfortable separated handpad are perfectly suited for those who expect precision section and appreciate the feel .

  • •The casing of microtome is amde from fire-retsrdant ABS palstic with streamlined design .
    •Spacious and ingenious waste tray.
    •Advanced retraction function makes better sectioning. The retraction value is also adjustable .
    •Universal and fast specimen holders fits international embedding cassettes.
    •Handwheel locking may be activated at any position and improve operation safety standard .
    •The electric coarse feed operates two speeds which is easy to record the feed.
    •Separated control panel is much easier to operate.
    •Three motorized sectioning modes (Cont, Single and Step) are available for user to select .
    •Automatic memorized coarse feed and reload function can significantly improve cutting efficiency .

  • ⊙ Section thickness:   0 to 600µm
                                      0 to 2µm,0.5µm increments
                                      2 to 10µm,1µm increment
                                     10 to 20µm,2µm increments
                                     20 to 100µm,5µm increments
                                    100 to 600µm,50µm increments
    ⊙ Trimming thickness:  0 to 600µm
                                       0.5 to 2µm,0.5µm increments
                                       2 to 10µm,1µm increment
                                       10 to 20µm,2µm increments
                                        20 to 100µm,5µm increments
                                       100 to 600µm,50µm increments
    ⊙ Retraction thickness: 5-100µm, 5µm increments (can deactivate)
    ⊙ Specimen horizontal feed:28mm
    ⊙ Specimen vertical feed:70mm
    ⊙ Maximum specimen :40x50x30mm,or standard cassette
    ⊙ Specimen holder adjusted system:
                                 Horizontal orientation: ±8°
                                 Vertical orientation:  ±8°

    ⊙ Repositioning of knife holder base ,(left-right):50mm
    ⊙ Electric Coarse Feed Speed: 300µm/s (Slow)  and  900µm/s (Quick)
    ⊙ Cutting speed:
                               5 grades:
    ⊙ Dimension:
                        Width:405mm ,(without handwheel,310mm)
                        Height:325mm ,
    ⊙ Weight: about 37 kgs

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