Amos Scientific Pty Ltd

Amos Scientific Pty Ltd

AWB 210 Water Bath

The AWB 210 Water Bath is made of sheet aluminum and has the advantages of artistic appearance, temperature control, stable performance, program control system and easy and reliable operation. It is mainly used for flattening and drying of the microtome sections of tissues.

  • •It can be set the water temperature as user’s favor.
    •Easy and reliable operation display.
    •Stand alone unit near microtome.
    •It suits all laboratories .

  • •Capacity: 2.3L                                   
    •Water trough dimensions(mm):  230*180*56
    •Temperature range: from ambient  ~75

    •Temperature control accuracy: ±1

    •Rated voltage:  220V±10%, 50hz /110V±10%, 60hz
    •Nominal power: 350W
    •Outside dimensions (W*D*H): 328 ×300 ×85 mm

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